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How to buy
In the menu section of our web site you can find patch-es classified in different categories. If you want to order a product, fill in your data in the order form. On the same day, you will receive a confirmation email as a reply.

Mail transport and shipment takes 2-3 working days to post up on the identity card. Fast shipping - Fan Courier transport package lasts one day and it is brought at your home address. In all cases payment is cash on delivery of the parcel (from mail or courier).

The prices are payed in lei,equivalent to the official exchange euro/ron rate from that day.

The prices include VAT !

Delivery of orders is as follows:
- If all products ordered are in stock, the delivery will be made on receipt of your order or no later than the next working day.
- If one or more products are not available on our stock, we will provide you the exact date when your order will be finalized and shipped to you.
- At your own choice you can iron or sew our embroidered patches.

In case you receive no answer to your request, please contact us.

Note: - All the Patches are custom emboidered by us, as a result of your orders.
- If you order until 2 p.m. , will be sended to you by Post in 2 days.
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